A view of Gdansk – Oliwa

Original YT playout date: 3 May 2009
Duration: 25:53

“Are we human?” asks the well-known popular song, “…or are we Gdanskers?” In this video we see the human geography and the natural beauty blend perfectly in this overview of Gdansk Oliwa from the old German army watchtower point, and then wandering around the Oliwa Park, and finally walking it (7 kms) to the shore of the Baltic Sea. At the end you can see some shots from a wonderful Mexican restaurant I ended up in. The food was tremendous, the decor and service impeccable, so I can definitely recommend that.

One of my favorites and in the gallery to this film you’ll see quite a few of the photos cuts of which are in the rolling collection in the header to this blog.

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Location: Gdansk Oliwa
Other people featured: Just me
Genre: Walking, gallery
Music used: Numerous pices, including Somewhere by Ali Brustofski, and another Somewhere from West Side Story.
Languages used: English
Animals/plants featured: Planting in parks

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