La Voix

Original YT playout date: 17 May 2009
Duration: 3:13

“Move over, Malena Ernman! Little eight-year old Sophie is gonna re-set the whole standard for the singing of La Voix, the Swedish entry to this year’s Eurovision song contest. I thought this was the best entry, although I have to give kudos to Alexandr Rybak who wrote and performed his own winning entry for Norway, despite actually being Belarussian.

No more “”Norvege, nul points”” this year. Rybak’s entry had an record breaking score (helped no doubt by the fact that there are now 42 voting countries, not just 18 or so like when ah were a lad). Still, I was sorry to see Sweden’s siren only about half way down the scoreboard when all 42 countries had given their verdicts.

Hard luck Sweden, so near to Norway, yet so far. Still, little Sophie’s tribute will be a consolation prize!”

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