Trip to Brno, see Spielberg and Jovovich

Original YT playout date: 8 July 2009
Duration: 37:22

Went to Brno, the “Austrian Manchester’. It is of course now not in Austria any more. It is generally regarded as the second city of the Czech Republic, and the capital of the region of Moravia.

Every youtuber aspires to be a budding Spielberg – but where does that name come from geographically? Possibly a number of places, but the most famous is this Habsburg political prison.

Not only Spielberg features in this film, but I also bumped into Milla Jovovich, as you will see, who kindly agreed to appear for my viewers.

I don’t actually know what the real name is of the girl who plays “Mila” for me here, but wasn’t she a great sport! Moravians are great people, that’s why it was once called Great Moravia.

This didn’t get a “Prague Vlog” number, as I was in Brno, however, it was part of what I did around my time in Prague.

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