Sophie Reads the New Gdansk Edition in the Rickshaw

Original YT playout date: 9 June 2010
Duration: 48:39

Sophie reads the New Gdansk edition in the rickshaw.

The New Gdansk Version or Uwspolczesniona Biblia Gdanska is a reworking in modern Polish of the Biblia Gdanska, broadly seen as the Polish equivalent of the KJV in English.

Even the KJV, which is still easy to understand today and in many cases easy to understand than the versions which paraphrase the word of God into the ephemeral state of language and invariably give it a local flavour instead of the world-wide English and classical flavour of the KJV. The Biblia Gdanska however is hard to understand, is not something which has shaped the Polish language so much nor held it together across the world. So it needed an update.

There are modern versions but they are Codex Sinaiticus texts and n ot Textus Receptus, so we don’t agree with them.

I personally do not trust Codex Sinaiticus and its missing versions.

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