Bratislava, Slovakia #2

Original YT playout date: 24 August 2010
Duration: 46:00

Bratislava, Slovakia next day. Hold onto your hats, the prices may astound you.
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Hilltop, River and Fields

Hilltop, river and fields of the Czech countryside is what we see from the train, to the accompaniment of some pleasant Russian music.

Prague vlog, Walking,

Original YT playout date: 19 August 2010
Duration: 9:13

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Bratislava, Slovakia #1

Original YT playout date: 15 August 2010
Duration: 58:00

It’s Bratislava, in all its brotherly glory. The famous Blue Church of St. Alzbeta, the centre, and the Danube embankment.
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Stuck in Tram during Warsaw Flash Flood


Original YT playout date: 19 June 2010
Duration: 32:50

Here’s a slice of life in Poland for you. I thought I was walking home from work in nice weather, and then I noticed the horizon getting dark, so I decided to hop on a tram. This tram then rode into the middle of one of the worst storms I ever experienced, rendering it impossible for me to get out at my stop. See what happened after that and watch lightning flash follow lightning flash from a rainblurred Warsaw tram window.

Some 5 miles away, in Ursynow, the residents had 15 minutes between dry ground and knee high water ruining their cars. Nobody had seen the like for over 120 years.
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Emerald Eyes (PV#32)

Original YT playout date: 7 June 2010
Duration: 15:01

Here we have the second part of the Prague zoo expedition. Some of this is quite pretty so I have reduced the film lengths and gone for HD coding.
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