A walk in the dusk Prague (PV 28a)

Original YT playout date: 24 May 2010
Duration: 1:36:23

This is a long one, we walk about 6 km and discuss all manner of topics. Enjoy the French cinema style intro. (This didn’t get a Prague Vlog number so I am calling it 28a)
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Astronomical! (PV 28)

Original YT playout date: 23 May 2010
Duration: 21:44

We see the old town of Prague in the Easter time, in the evening decked out with its Easter markets, and get a distincty sense of deja vu. The Czechs are canny people, and are not going to shell out on two sets of wooden huts, one for Christmas and the other for Easter, are they?
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Returning from Decin chattin in the car (PV 27)

Original YT playout date: 16 May 2010
Duration: 29:28

Here the scenery we saw going out to Decin is seen from the car, which gives a different perspective, but also my colleague evokes a long bit of audio from me covering the Krtek cartoon mole and why he hasn’t got his own restaurant chain, saturday-morning pictures in the cinema when I was a boy, the Eurovision song contest, Turkish music and the nature of filming travelogue for YouTube. Those of you who have got to sleep listening to my drivel in the past will find this as useful a soporific as the former stuff has been.
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Prague Vlog #22 – Walking Bat’a Happiness!

Original YT playout date: 23 April 2010
Duration: 34:52

This is my 22nd Prague film in the Prague Vlog series. This time I take an evening walk and buy a new pair of shoes from the famous Czech shoemaker Bat’a. The usual pedestrian drivel you’ve come to know and love.
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Secret War…saw

Original YT playout date: 26 April 2009
Duration: 9:15

This tongue-in-cheek footage shows some of the darker side of Warsaw research establishment, which is waiting to unleash its unprecented technology on the world and enslave us all…
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