Sophie’s “Queen of the Night”

Queen of the Night

Now Sophie is five years old, in this. It’s only the seventh video I put up, out of over 850, but it was a relative hit. With over 100,000 views this is one of the most popular videos on the channel. She sings this much better now of course, so in due course we’ll have to do a “five years on” remake.

Flopping back to happiness…

Go on!

Sophie’s second film. She used to enjoy just flopping back like that. At three seconds, this may be the shortest film I ever uploaded – I did shorts at the beginning because every second counted on a small memory card. The longest was five hours some time later, so the shortest video would fit into the longest video six thousand times over – yet they still count the same in terms of hits and ratings!

You may note that there is a mattress straight on the floor. Elena and I didn’t have a bed when we moved into our own place because we had been renting for years in different countries and the places always had beds. And so when we got our own place we didn’t have a proper double bed, but we had a double mattress. We spent out so much just getting the place finished to move in that we didn’t have anough left over, and so we slept on the floor for some time – actually we got used to the mattress on the floor and had other priorities. But when my parents came to visit and saw it, they weren’t happy, and they then bought us a proper bed from alder wood to match other furniture of ours for Christmas that year, which we were very thankful for, once we felt the difference. It’s amazing how much warmer nights are just for being that couple of feet above the floor level.

Bringing my kid up as nutty as I am…

Do it!

This was the first ever video with Sophie on, mucking about as ever, this time only four years old.

Every parent has a duty to make sure their kid is brought up a bit nutty, as they are themselves. Only the slightly nutty can deal with this nutty world. If you are too nutty, you get lost in nuttiness. If you are too sane, then the nuttiness of the world will make you go insane properly. The only way to stay sane in a world like this is to be a little bit nutty.