Halt!!! Verboten!!!

Production date: May 2006
Playout date: 15/6/2006
Camera: Fuji Finepix
Post Production: Windows Movie Maker
Location: Kaltenkirchen

When I look back at this now, I can’t believe we had been in Copenhagen and were on our way back and we popped into Kaltenkirchen just to see a friend, Andreas, and I was just filming on the offchance as I really wasn’t used to filming back then so it simply hadn’t been entering my head. I had very little time on my memory card back then anyway. I just had no idea that there could be any interest in these walkabout films.

It’s interesting that back in 2006 when most people still hadn’t heard of YT, getting a camera out and filming anything was something bound to evoke comment, as it did from these kids, who tried to provoke me by saying it was forbidden to photograph the town’s fountain. I kidded them back saying that “verboten” is a word much beloved of Germans, which is actually not necessarily the case, but since they provoked first, I reckoned I was not too mean to be trolling them a bit.

Huliganov sings “Volare”

Production date: 15/6/2006
Playout date: 15/6/2006
Camera: Logitech Webcam
Post Production: Windows Movie Maker
Location: At Home

Uploaded first to YT on 15th June 2006, this was quite well received by the listening public, with nearly one thousand views per year, no really adverse comments, and an average rating of about 4 stars under the old system. One person kindly pointed out that it’s “dal vento rapito” whereas I had it as “rapido”, but I say that if the wind is going to go about kidnapping people, it must be quite a rapid wind anyway. If the wind were to kidnap people slowly it wouldn’t be able to get them to go where it wanted, so it’s not a big error.

This is one of the first times Huliganov sings baritone, and also one of the first times I do a song without a lengthy introduction.

I think it’s also one of the first times I put the lyrics on screen, and also one of the first times I used that scrolling into the distance effect from WMM.