Yours Truly appears on satirical image viral on

The image here shows my 1 November 2009 appearance on the popular Polish daytime TV show “Dzien Dobry TVN”.  In fact what the caption says has nothing to do with what I said (you can see the original interview here under the “Goldlist Methodology” section) but they must have found the image on YT and used it to make an alternative caption making a joke about the, well, daytime-TV-ishness of the programme, and the blithe way it vacillates between the important and the trivial.

The caption says

“So, that was how I saved a person’s life”

“OK… in that case, let’s go and see what Kasia Cichopek is cooking up for us today”

I feel quite honoured to have my image used for a funny piece like that, and hope it goes viral. The original can be found here. There quite a few other things there to enjoy also.