That spreadsheet, again…

In the second film by Huliganov on the Goldlist method a spreadsheet is used just to illustrate what the handwritten notebook should look like. It’s not to be used to encourage people to do their goldlists in Excel, as a handwritten goldlist will be much better.

The link given in that film died, thanks to my old provider, who removed his internet hosting service very clumsily onto Godaddy, and who then ignored my requests to enable me to access my control panel after he changed its location, and then came at me with unbelievable umbrage when I reacted to that by stopping his payments for the hosting.

I’ve now managed to dig up the original file, and many people have asked for it, so here it is.

It wasn’t possible to offer an .xls file for direct download on wordpress, but it’s on the Huliganov and Friends google group. It may ask you to join, in which case if there are any problems let me or kenbank from YT know as he is kind enough to co-moderate over there with me.

10 thoughts on “That spreadsheet, again…

    1. The problem is that goofle changed the functions availablw in groups to get people to move to goofle hangouts instead. On the other hand .xls files are not an allowed file type on wordpress. Until I have got my head around how to set up a drop box or something if you want it you need to send me a message privately on and I will send it to you.

    1. That’s true, and also I am not handing out that spreadsheet now as I’d like to offer it on here but distributing it is a bit tough. If you know a place where Excel templates can be easily shared short of these places that are always asking me to be paid, then I’ll stick it up there. In your case I will send it if you give me an e-mail but this is not an open offer any more. On the other hand work is being done to make a fully on-line app for Android for goldlisting and that will become available in due course.

          1. Ignore me – I am getting confused. I could not find your contact details on here otherwise. Could you send me an email at mcc{AT} please – I don’t need the spreadsheet but did want to send you a private communication.

          2. Thank you. I should have remembered that. I do not need the spreadsheet anymore but I did want to send you an email. I cannot find it here so if you could send me an email at mcc [at] I can write to you then.

  1. Dear David,

    I was intrigued by your comment about there being an android app in due course.
    I’ve just been explaining to people elsewhere that although your method could be computerised, this would not be desirable because the hand-writing part is fundamental to the method (which I thought was the case).

    It seems I am behind the times! 🙂

    Have you changed your ideas about this, or simply bowing to progress? (or at least to technology).

    Many thanks,
    Best Wishes,

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