Summing up the first year of Huliganov TV on WordPress

The best blog platform in my opinion

I set up Huliganov TV in October 2009 – can’t remember the exact date but there was only one post that month.

The idea was to make a repository in one place where all my youtube work could be:

a) referenced more easily, with categories that enable people to get to the bits of the large collection that they want
b) grouped in similar items
c) made available for more detailed discussion than the commenting mechanisms on YT allow
d) I could see for myself how many different groups and categories have emerged from the work.

I had hoped by now to put many more of the YT collection across here, but I’ve been doing it in historical order, and the first six months have now been done. I have done video number 75 today, and there are 134 posts, including this one. That means in fact that video is not the vast majority of the posting that I thought it might be, but I’m quite happy about that too.

Two major factors caused it, firstly the fact that my old site which was hosted by a certain provider, kicked me off. That provider failed to answer any of my mails and changed the c0ntrols so that I could never add anything, and I wasn’t going to pay for hosting non-dynamic content. So I stopped paying, then I did get emails, and I said why I wasn’t paying, and then the content got kicked off, even though I had been overpaying this guy for years.

However, all that content is backed up and I’ve started putting it up here also. The second factor is that sharing videos directly to WordPress was suspended about six months back by YouTube. They say that it was in response to customers, but I don’t remember being asked, but I suppose they meant their paying customers, the advertisers. In addition I have also just felt from time to time like writing something new for here, or including here on something new I’ve written somewhere else. It may duplicate material which is out there, but on the other hand at least I still have it if it gets wiped in the other place, which can happen and does happen, for sometimes very understandable reasons. So what else has been achieved in this first year? The hit count started to rise up in the second part of the year, from about April, and I’ve had several months now between 1500 and 2000 visits per month. The annual total on my stats was 15,196 visits as of now, and one Sunday in April saw a freak flurry of 154 visitors, the record for one day so far.

I have around 20 subscribers, and if that’s you then many thanks for that. If that’s not you, then please do sub. Also please note if you don’t have a WP account that the whole blogging experience, such as commenting, as well as what you see while reading the blogs is enhanced greatly if you have your own wordpress account. That only requires a free account, none of the plug-ins which you might want to subscribe to which help to support the work of WordPress. 

I finally ought to mention that through most of the year I’ve been using the excellent theme Inove, and now I changed to a recent theme called zBench, just to make a nice cut-off for the second year, and so that things do not get too samey. Inove was great, and I’ll stick to it for the time on my other vlog, which is – please pop in over there also from time to time.

Stay with me for another year, and don’t be a stranger!

Viktor D. Huliganov

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Video number in my collection 75
Production date:    31 July 2006
Playout date:    8 September 2006
Camera:    Logitech Webcam
Post Production:    None
Location:    Office at Jazdow
Other people featured: Antonio Salvador Bau Montoro
Genre: Duet
Soundtrack info:    Besame, a capello, 
Languages used:    Spanish
Animals featured:    None
Date added here: 31 October 2010
Number of days this video was up at time of posting: 1 514
Number of views at time of posting: 649
Number of views per day: 0,4
Number of comments at time of posting (don’t forget to click through to read the comments!): 2
Comments per thousand views: 3,1
Likes at time of posting: 6
Dislikes at time of posting: 5
Likes to dislikes ratio: 1,2
Votes per thousand views: 16,9
Ratio of comments to votes: 18%

Unusually low ratio of comments to votes, but what is there to say? Just two guys mucking around having fun. Sure, we killed the song, but that’s the time honoured tradition for this particular song!