Just a Few Days Away… (via SYZYGY ON LANGUAGES)

Hello All, The release date for the Polyglot Project is less than 10 days away. Officially, it’s November 15, 2010, but it may be sooner! A link to the complete, free PDF of the book will be posted here and on my YouTube Channel (syzygycc). It contains over 500 pages of the best language learning techniques, as explained by successful YouTube Polyglots and language learners. If you want to learn how to successfully learn a language or two (or ten … Read More


2 thoughts on “Just a Few Days Away… (via SYZYGY ON LANGUAGES)

  1. I just used, for the first time the “reblog” function to show someone else’s blog post to my subbers here. Anyone interested in languages should certainly go to Syzygy’s blog and his YouTube channel. You will also see a repost of one of his videos in the goldlist methodology category in this blog, as he was kind enough to review the system and give feedback.

    The book, when it comes out, contains the story of how I was able to hit upon the Goldlist method, which I believe is an optimal way of learning languages to any level you choose, and with literacy rather than just being able to understand and answer spoken language. In these days of email and texting, a greater proportion of our communication is by reading and writing than ever before. You’ll be able to get the book as a free pdf or buy a paper copy with no margin on Amazon – I mean no financial margin – obviously the book has to have margins or you’ll need to break the spine on it to read it!

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