Announcing the new changes on this blog for 2011!

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Google Android's WordPress application greatly facilitates posting when away from a computer.

I’ve decided to take up the challenge by the folks over at The DailyPost, and be part of the postaday2011 challenge. That means that at least once a day there will be a new post on this blog, so please subscribe and get ready for what will be hopefully a mix of the entertaining and the thought-provoking, as I have tried to provide so far.

Some days there may be more than one post, but the idea is to not let a day go by without a post.

As readers of this blog could see recently, I have worked out how to do posts here from my Android phone, so that’ll be the main way of doing diary-style blogposts, the Diary of a New Decade series even when on trains and the like. Also I started the ICMTSU series, which has two posts in it so far, and that is  there to chronicle things which would be too ridiculous or strange to make up. For those not familiar with this old Usenet abbreviation, ICMSTU  means “I can’t make this s**t up”.

Another change in 2011 will be that all the YouTube video added in 2011 will be also placed in here as it is uploaded to YouTube. I’ll try to keep that current to within a week. This starts from my last video in 2010, my New Year Huliganov address video, which sets out what the plans are for the YouTube channel , which is here.

Basically a new video appears whenever the preceding one has hit 100, or becomes sure to hit it within days. The older YT stuff will be posted in chronological order, except where occasionally as with the Jimmy series I decide to put them all up at once.

Right now at the end of the year I have 160 posts, of which this is the 160th. 90 of these are video posts, and 70 are blog only posts or posts with other people’s video in a few cases.

The plan is, by the end of the year, to increase this to at least 600 posts, which means 440 new posts, which means some days should have more than one post and no days have no post at all.  Of those 600, the distribution should be something like this:

160 new YT posts reblogged here with opportunities for enhanced discussion not available on YT
220 historic YT posts reblogged here, with new commentary and remarks
120 DND and ICMTSU posts
100 other blog posts, including answers to your questions. Probably about 20 of these will also be reposts of my hymns and poems and stories posted elsewhere in the past, such as the Telegraph content or the old content.

As at the close of this year I have about 22,000 views. Mostly they occurred in this year, and in the second half of the year. In 2009 I had only been doing this for a short while and had less than 500 cumulative views by the end of the year. The plan is to get an average of over a thousand a week (a figure I seem to be approaching but hasn’t happened yet) That means that I’m hoping to get through the 75,000 cumulative views hurdle.

I will also start to add posts written in other languages. There’s no real point in startin a new blog for them, and of course a lot of my readers are here because they are linguists. If there’s one you don’t understand, Google translate it or ignore it!

I have about 105 comments, and welcome these,  as they don’t include the spam, which is immediately dealt with thanks to the Akismet plug-in, the best spam filter I’ve ever seen (I wish I had such a good one in the office!). About half are mine answering the comments of readers. It would be great to close 2011 on over 300 comments. Please keep them coming!

At the close of the year I have 84 Categories and just under 700 tags. Probably I will get up to about 100 categories and 1500 tags.

The achieving of these targets would be very motivating, but it is all down to you the readers. My own visits don’t even register in the stats! So if you like what you see here, please come back often, please subscribe, please comment and let me know what you think. Please share any of these posts using the share buttons which will facilitate emailing them to your friends, posting them to facebook, retweeting them on Twitter, etc.

Doing so will certainly motivate me to produce even more content, so if you like what you read or view here, then please press those buttons and it will generate more of the same!

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