Slight change in the upload algorithm.

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As those of you who are paying attention will have noted, after I got to film number 1000 on my YouTube site, I decided to apply a rule that the next film would not go up until the previous one had hit, or was sure to hit, 100. The result of this has been that I have uploaded now 1068 videos,  which is the rate of 10 per month. Prior to that I had 1000 videos in the course of 54 months, a rate which came to exceed most of the latter part of the time 20 per month. In other words it represented a halving of the upload rate. Interestingly, total upload views have remained stable.

The problem is that now I am still uploading video from last summer – already at the 20 per month rate I had a backlog to clear, whereas now I am producing video which is 7 months old and uploading video which is eight months old in the main. Occasionally I vary it by allowing brand new video to jump the queue, but in order to do something about the backlog, starting from the second quarter 2011 I am changing the ‘100 rule’ to the ’60’ rule, which means I can upload the next piece without waiting for the preceding one to hit 100. It only needs to hit 60. Hopefully that will do it.

If not, then having winter video in the summer and summer video in the winter is always nice for a change anyway, but it’s not as good as keeping it reasonably up-to-date.