My Dad’s 70th birthday

We enjoyed a nice meal together in honour of my Dad’s 70th birthday. This was over in France in Cussay about a year ago – he was 71 last week!

2 thoughts on “My Dad’s 70th birthday

  1. In times of fragmented families and non-valueing of the elderly it is so heartening to see families celebrating together and parents who are obviously held in esteem.
    Long may you celebrate many future birthdays with your family. I think it was epicurus who was recorded as saying that the four most important things anybody needs for true happiness are bodily health, food, good friends and good conversation. Exactly what you caught on the video ! Thanks for sharing this.


    1. Many thanks, DD. Glad you liked it. BTW I’d be interested in your view about the new fonts and other cosmetic changes I’ve been doing around here of late.

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