Template, header image and Font upgrades – what do you think?

Purple on the brain?

I have just purchased font upgrades for this blog (and for the blog Quoracy.com, which is my business-related blog – please have a look if you haven’t seen it yet).

Please let me know your thoughts. It is all about personalising it and making it that bit different from everyone else who uses the same basic “Mystique” template, of which there may be a few thousand blogs in existence. Once you have added your own background, photos and font then the ambience starts to get a bit more personalised, and that’s what you may have noticed over the last few weeks.

The image at the top of the page is one of about 30 (and rising) random images, mostly produced by me but also one or two third-party produced ones.

There is also the background, one that I used to use for about a year over on youtube with the Japanese writing in purple.

Please keep me informed with your reactions to the aesthetics of this site.

5 thoughts on “Template, header image and Font upgrades – what do you think?

  1. Tasteful, clean and uncluttered easily navigated and I just …..l..o..v..e the purple.
    The man has class. The design complements the content.
    The noun that springs to mind upon first seeing the site is “clarity”

    Can’t you do something badly for once just to show you are human !!


  2. Thanks for a very flattering comment. I think I do quite a few things not that well and am pretty human, only thankfully my loyal viewers are very charitable towards me!

  3. David,

    I think you have to balance the readability of the font with the overall attractiveness of the page. For example, Century Schoolbook has been designed to be easy to read, though perhaps a page of that font is not very eye-catching from a distance.

    When I was working in IT, I used to receive publications from IBM. In their sales literature they had a particular flowery style of font which set off the pictures nicely. They started to send us technical back-room boys a routine bulletin of technical advice using the same font. I received a market-research call asking whether I found the bulletin useful. I had to tell IBM that the flowery font was difficult to read and hurt my eyes, so I put the bulletin into the bin every month as soon as receiving it. IBM did listen. They changed the font to something more legible.

    I think your new design has lost readability in favour of page design. More specifically, I think the font size is too small.

    Why do most newspapers use Times Roman, with serifs? It’s because it is easily readable and has stood the test of time. (no pun intended)

    Best regards,

    1. Right, I’m going to do something about that, and please say again if it is still too small after about ten minutes from my sending this off. Many thanks for this input.

      1. Peter was absolutely right about the font size. I was so carried away (in my earlier comments) by the general site layout I hadn’t paid attention to the font size. I, also have struggled a little to read some of the previous posts or at least have needed to squint a bit.

        David’s very prompt response has greatly improved readability.

        Thanks to both.


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