Tattoos – your opinion

Tattoo artist Grisha Maslov 2010
Has she improved herself or just ruined herself?

Today I would like just to canvas the opinion of people coming to this blog about tattoos. It seems to me that the fashion for wearing them is really growing, and yet tattoos seem to be like Marmite – you either love them or you hate them. In some cases people might like some discrete and unique body marking, others will accept tattoos no mater how extreme, the more the better, and then again there are those who don’t like any.

I am putting a poll together below that shows a range of attitudes to tattoos – it may not be a full spectrum of the way people react to them but please mark all the statements in the below that you would agree with about tattoos.

Anything more you would like to add, feel free to open up discussion in the comments.



7 thoughts on “Tattoos – your opinion

  1. Is getting a tattoo just a way for people to show others that they’re frustrated & rebellious – albeit expressed in a clueless way? I’ve never understood exactly why anyone bothers to get one, but the general feeling is the image goes well with smoking cannabis, sex drugs n rock n roll. Some of the designs are very good though, much of the artwork itself is well done, but on someone’s skin they all look rather sinister, smelly & seedy. Got to say though, the lady in the photo is not a typical everyday sight one encounters when regarding tattoo’s.

  2. This makes interesting reading – and I almost surprised myself with some of my answers! How about adding the opportunity to include an age range, because I think that older people may be less tolerant.

    1. I wish I could, but there’s no way in a single poll to show which answers were don by people in which age range. Please think of the polls on here as straw polls of the viewers of the blog, rather than a perfect statistical sampl of society. At some point maybe I’ll ask people to identify their age group and gender too. I might even ask for race, but there’ll only be two options there – human race or something else.

  3. Sadly the poll questions are necessarily vague and somewhat subjective, e.g., “tasteful.”

    For me at least, it’s the content of the tattoos more than the quantity, or even the placement, that will likely affect my opinions.

    1. Sorry, you got put in the spam by Akismet – good job I do still run my eye over them to see if there’s anything in there by accident. Some of the spammers are so creative that it is quite hard for a machine to spot genuine responses.

      Thanks for your view. What sort of content would you prefer to see and not prefer to see in a tattoo?

      1. Yeah, I’m having an issue with Akismet / WordPress and their support team refuses to help, so all of my comments go straight to the spam bucket. Thanks for pulling it out.

        As for content – It’s not so much a matter of what I’d prefer or not as it is a matter of making rational, though possibly oversimplified, judgements about someone based upon the content of the artwork they’ve put on their bodies.

        If it’s biker style, that’s one thing. If it’s prison style (and I can recognize it as such), that’s another. If it’s needless grotesque or stupid, those are yet other things. Each will affect my opinion of the person and my expectations of their behavior.

Your thoughts welcome, by all mean reply also to other community members!