Iain Lee Show 18th August 2008

I’m putting the audio here of the video that is on YT of the same, only WMG decided that they were going to sabotage 4 hours of radio comedy for which they had already been paid for the few minutes of whatever it was on here – far beyond the numbers who have seen it. And it is not like the talk radio fans who watch Iain Lee are even all that interested in the music that is put on while he takes a breather. But such is the arrogance of the music companies, especially WMG, that they feel they have a moral right to sabotage these talk radio shows because their silly music is more important than what the rest of the world has to say.

Stop press: as the fellow fan who asked for this has now asked for a downloadable version, I am in a quandary: I do like people coming here to listen as it improves my stats, but I also do understand his health motivations for wanting it on something that can be placed on an ipod or similar and walked around with. I do the same myself.

So for those people, the way to go is to copy and paste this

to a new browser window. Play it, and then right click on the mp3 bar that comes up. Select your save option and the mp3 with end up downloaded to your hard drive, from which point you can handle it like any other podcast. HTH.

If you would like the video, I am adding it now, a bit later.