A little look at the prize…



Here’s a sneak preview of what the Huliganov.tv pens look like, five of which are going to be given away in the contributors’ competition which still lasts another twenty five days. I hope these pictures whet your appetites to add more comments and to to links into this service!

8 thoughts on “A little look at the prize…

  1. As you know, I am a great fan of anything that V. D Huliganov is involved in, and I think the prize, Huliganov pen is a thing of beauty and an object to covet, so I will take part in the competition. I’ve decided to write a few salient facts about the presence of Brussels sprouts in science and naturally, in fine art. Did you know that Crick’s wife, whose name was Odile, actually drew the double helix for her husband when he needed it? They met one night because she spilled a bag of Brussel sprouts on the floor of their office? The iconic presence of sprouts in western art is also well documented in a soon to be published book, called: ‘The Brussels Legacy.’This book, which would have been considerably improved had the author received a Huliganov pen, proves the presence of sprouts in art, from the Neolithic to the 21st century.Definitely worth reading.

    1. Fantastic! Don’t forget that you can always add images to replies as well, so we could even get a sneak preview of some of these Brassica-related historical events!

        1. It does now! What you need is to be inside the wordpress system while answering and one of the little buttons that is above the box you write in has “img” in it. That works like a wizard to give you the code for inserting an image from somewhere else on the internet.

          Hope this helps, and enriches your HTV experience!

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