Huliganov.TV goes over 100,000 views!

Many thanks to those of you who have subscribed and who come again and again to my humble abode. This milestone is hopefully only the beginning, although in fact I have now been doing this since November 2009, that is three years, and a few days on top. In three years’ time where I’d really like to be is over a million views – that’ll need a lot of work to do pulling over from other places all the resources and creativity that I’ve been doing in different parts of the web and making this the unified place where it’s all easy to find in one place with the various categories and subcategories, and the ability to search by words within this space, as well as the ability to have discussions not hampered by word limits, in which you can thread them properly and include links and media to your hearts’ content – unlike in YT where most of my material currently is and where most of my hits currently occur – in total well over 4 million there so hopefully a million here by the end of a similar six years (the time I’ve been on YT is now closer seven than six) is not too much to hope for.

In the end it depends on you, the viewer. Every bit of interactivity that you do here, discussing with me or with other commentors if you feel the urge, every subscription, every use of the share buttons I’ve put under the articles, it all helps me along, it all encourages me to produce more in the future.

Not everyone will like the blog, or the films and other internet “assets” (sometimes “internet contingent liabilities” might be a better phrase), but for some of you I know it has been and will be a source of interesting ideas and an experience of language learning, travel and other subjects such as faith, politics and others from time to time, and I hope that it will continue to be a place that you subscribe to, that you like to come to from time to time, and that you recommend to like-minded people.

I hope you also like the photos at the headers of every page, which are set to choose one at random from a database which now contains about three or four hundred different photos – either by me or of me with about a dozen or so exceptions which I will gradually be deleting so that the work being showcased at the tops of pages is my own photography or contains me, so that at least I am contributing to the photo that way.

There will hopefully be more galleries here of the photos I’m now taking with my new camera, in addition to the flicker and facebook galleries I’ve got and the fact that galleries are often featured in my films, turned into slide-shows and set to music.

Many thanks!

5 thoughts on “Huliganov.TV goes over 100,000 views!

  1. Keep it up David.Long may you continue.I usually follow what you’re up to on the web in some way or another. I’m sure everyone will continue to have a gander at your stuff-as is usual. There seems to be something for everyone.Keep taking the pictures..always interesting. But maybe wear a Helmet next time you go Reporting ‘on the spot’ in a Riot zone next time with all those bricks and fireworks flying in Downtown Poland:-)

    1. Good idea. Another good reason to go by bike next time, but then I’ll only take the little video camera. This day I had a very long walk (got to 16km) and also got through three batteries and 36 GB’s worth of memory cards!

  2. has taught me many useful things, in particular the Goldlist Method. It has also brought me much joy, and I’d like to see it continue! Thanks to Uncle Davey for his presence on the Internet!

    Also, thanks to pekadewa for pointing me to Evan Millner. His Latin pronunciation is beautiful.

  3. First, I hope you are back to (or near as possible) to full strenght and health. Huliganov TV and other huliganov sites are regular stops for me on my quest for finding genuinely useful and valuable information on this 20/21 century marvel we have come to call “the web”.
    There is so much drivel out there it is reassuring to know that there are those whose vision sees the great potential for meaningful communication and learning that the internet offers.
    somebody (can’t remember who) stated that we now have the greatest means at our disposal for the instant dissemination of information of all kinds ……….a great pity nobody has anything left to say ! [my paraphrase of the original statement].
    Huliganov has plenty to say in the most entertaining manner, together with Alfie Mullard, Peter Paczec and all the other great characters. I never tire of visiting this site and always find something of real interest, of educational value or just plain funny (or all three simultaneously – a tripartite attack !).
    We might not always agree about what is said (you are a devout Christian, I am a spiritually inclined atheist) but one has to respect the person behind the views.

    The five people whose YouTube videos I watch the most are Huliganov, the debates of (the late) Christopher Hitchens, Evan Millner (Latin/Hebrew courses), the Richard Dawkins debates and Sam Harris’s lectures. All very different viewpoints, all comitted to what they do (did in the case of Mr Hitchens) and all very talented and well-informed.

    I’m sure there are many people like me who have been led to find out more about subjects and people having stumbled upon something on the web.
    For instance, my watching the video ” “A Celebration of Reason – 2012 Global Atheist Convention” held in Melbourne (see – led me to find out more about the life of Ayaan Hirsi Ali and her struggle against opression within Islam.
    In similar ways, I have been prompted to find out more about the sciences,philosophy, language, lterature and history. A bewildering array of knowledge areas I can never hope to cover or fully understand. All of these subject areas are here on Huliganov T.V. It is a great springboard for seeking out areas of life I never knew even existed.

    May I finish on a rather flippant note………haven’t you been a 48 year old accountant for rather a few years now ? (or does time actually seem to move more slowly than I think it does ?)

    But seriously, I hope to see Huli T.V for many more years to come.

    with very best wishes for the future.

    Alan. B.


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