The new location for the GoldList Method Spreadsheet

Version 1.1 of the Goldlist Method Spreadsheet, which contains a stylised version in Excel of how you need to lay out your manual GoldList book, but which can be used – after some adjustments for your own system – to print loose-leaf GLM double pages, is now kindly hosted thanks to one reader who wished to remain anonymous but you’ll work it out anyway, via

It’s not normally recommended to use the GLM as a keyboard input rather than a manual system, but if you absolutely cannot bear writing and want it in digital form, then you can also make copies of it onto a lot of further tabs in one or more .xls files and do it that way.

The most important thing about it though is the cell comments which answer frequent questions I have had about the order in which things get done. By look at the structure and formulae it may be more clear to some kinds of intelligence what I mean than from other ways of explaining it.


Enjoy, and thanks to MC.


6 thoughts on “The new location for the GoldList Method Spreadsheet

    1. James,

      If you’re requesting it due to not having a facebook account, then I applaud you for steering clear of all that they’re up to. I would recommend reading this site and implementing the handwritten method as described here. I glanced at the spreadsheets and can’t say that they add anything.

      If you can’t bear the feeling of exclusion, you can trace the original TinyURL back and use the Internet history function to get a copy.

      1. Actually I have sent it to him. The spreadsheet doesn’t really do anything more than the usual books and I wouldn’t use it myself, but there are folk who really hate pens and pencils and the Excel method exists really only to give those people another option.

        I hope James to hear some feedback in due course whether you like the method and if the Excel version has worked for you or not.

      2. P.S. To avoid confusion, I was referring to what Facebook as a business is up to, not to what the GLM group does. The GLM group churns out tens of thousands of lines per quarter, in accordance with its stated purpose!

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