Another go at the Huliganov Christmas Language Quiz from 2008

This was very popular at the time!

Now we can play again. Each person getting will get a mark out of 10. Guesses are limited to one per day (CET) per player. If anyone guesses more frequently than that their guess won’t be marked.

No prizes. No clicking on the links to the original clips until after the quiz is over.



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  1. 1. Frisian (with many thanks to Wim . . . at least I had the right regional relationships worked out)
    2. Turkish (unconfirmed)
    3. If we admit visual clues, I seem to recognize the speaker from the polyglot YouTube video making community—but that’s as far as I get
    4. Manx (confirmed—visual clues were admitted to sort out which Celtic, but at least I recognized from the start that it was a Celtic)
    5. Hmong
    6. Okay, so I realized the Eurovision component, which makes it easier
    7. Albanian (???)
    8. Swedish (original guess confirmed with a bit of lyrics digging at Internet Archive)
    9. Russian (confirmed, thanks to Condoleeza Rice, numbers, and the Russian cognate of the word _milliard_)
    10. Flemish (Dutch doesn’t square with the score I received on my last evaluated attempt, so at present I don’t know where else to go with it)


  2. 1. Frisian (with many thanks to Wim)
    2. —
    3. —
    4. Irish (but it could be another closely-related Celtic)
    5. Hmong
    6. —
    7. Albanian (could the hint have been that direct?)
    8. Swedish (original guess confirmed with a bit of lyrics digging at Internet Archive)
    9. Belarusian
    10. Dutch


  3. One point for Wim, and one for David.


  4. 1. Dutch
    2. Still no clue: Serbian just to gain information from the scoring
    3. Polish
    4. Gaelic
    5. No clue yet: Tagalog for scoring information
    6. French
    7. Greek
    8. Norwegian
    9. Russian
    10. Afrikaans


  5. I’ll put my attempt up. I really have very little idea about several of these, but somebody’s got to be first!

    1. German? (low confidence)
    2. No idea, so I’ll shoot in the dark: Czech?
    3. Albanian
    4. Irish
    5. No idea, again, so I’ll just throw Hungarian up here
    6. French
    7. Armenian (low confidence)
    8. Let me guess Swedish. I’m certain it’s a Scandinavian.
    9. Russian
    10. Afrikaans? I think it’s a West Germanic, and Afrikaans has the tradition of this sort of preaching.


  6. 1. Fries (Nederland)

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