RSA 7/10 – Cheetah!

Playout date: 22 November 2006
Duration: 2:55
Camera: Panasonic DMZ -FZ30
Post Production: Windows Movie Maker – slight use
Location: Moyo, Stellenbosch area of South Africa
Other people featured: CHI colleagues
Genre: Environmental
Music used: “This could be heaven” by Queen
Languages used: English
Animals/plants featured: Cheetah (Acinonyx j. jubatus)
Other remarks:

This lovely animal was walked around us before the food was served and we were asked to keep calm. He remained with his handlers at the top stage during117777 the meal, and was continually stroked and petted by these handlers. In addition to seeing the cat, another attraction of the evening was having local tribal markings plainted on our faces using something that looked a bit like Tippex. The scenery from the mountains we saw on the way when visiting the Stellenbosch wine region was also unlike anything I had seen before. South Africa is a wonderful country.

What’s going on? #1 – 27th September 2017

It’s nearly the end of the third quarter in 2017, and I have begun of late to resume as you will see the project of putting all my YouTube channel onto here, so that the videos are all classified by subject matter and also properly threaded discussion can take place if anyone wants to do so.

It would take a long time to put the 2000+ videos from YT onto here, but gradually, little by little, ot would be good to do that before pursuing the course of just adding more and more footage to the YT channel, there is plenty up to the close of 2015 and effectively that marks the ten years of filming documented in this channel as after that I started using a more current record in Facebook. Nevertheless, my YT channel is a bit like a ten year diary for ten very varied and active year of life, during which my kids were small and cute and i visited a lot of interesting places.

Still, interesting things are going on. We live in interesting times, as the saying goes, and we can always rely on Islam for news headlines. Today’s one is that Saudi Arabia is finally relaxing the driving ban for females. I suppose that some highly learned scholars have finally completed their review of all 114 Surahs and have concluded that there aren’t any automobiles in it, although the jury is still out on hovercraft and space shuttles. Therefore there is no reason in Shariah why ladies cannot drive them. As long as they have specially adapted cars like learners do so that their husbands, who must be there at all times, can take the controls over at a moment’s notice, and they agree not to hog the fast lanes on the motorways, they can drive them.

On a related note the police in the UK shot a driver on the M5 motorway today 10 times through his windscreen and then wrote a complain against themselves to eth Independent Police Complaints Commission. We do not know why the police were so eager to immobilise this driver, but a suspicion of terrorism may be behind it. I am sure we will be told as the evening progresses.

So basically this is how it is for now, Huliganov TV remembers its initial purpose as a channel for my videos and they will be scheduled at hopefully the rate of about one a day, and I can use the scheduling function to get ahead a bit and put them up in a regular way so that even if I am doing completely different stuff, a video will go up. On the other hand I would like to do a bit more commentary on current events from my own perspective, trying to find the meaning and the bigger picture from what is appearing in the daily feed of nonsense from the various media, and these posts will be headed precisely the way this one is, with “What’s going on?” a number, and a date. I hope you will enjoy these but I don’t promise one a day, it will be a question of inspiration.

In the background I will be trying to get the Goldlist book ready and improve the Goldlist page on here, as well as other books.

So that’s what’s going on round here today.