Unrecommendation # 1 Amica dishwashers (Polish)

Playout date: 6 April 2007
Duration: 2:38

This is an unrecommendation video for Amica dishwashers, because we regretted the purchase of this, having had endless problems with it, 5 service calls in two years, often to no effect.

Normally I support Polish products, but not this one. The video is private in order not to get sued and also because in the past I was concerned that a company I worked for might have had its chances to do work for Amica in audit or tax advice ruined by my criticism, but now I am not in the audit profession any more so I can calmly let rip with my criticisms.

Also this is a chance for you to pull apart my Polish, as this film unlike most is entirely in Polish.

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Camera: Panasonic DMZ -FZ30
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Other people featured: Elena my wife
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Languages used: Polish
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Other remarks: I would normally support Polish production, but not when it gives us all a bad name…

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