Huliganov sings Iglesias

Playout date: 5 May 2007
Duration: 6:48

Viktor Huliganov has a large loricariid heavy with eggs but with no males to mate with, hanging around his ear.

This song is a pun involving Spanish and English. Can you think of any other songs with a multilingual pun in the title?

Quote of the clip: “I’ve always liked multiligual puns, so it helped me to enjoy the music a little bit more”

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Camera: Logitech Webcam
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Genre: Intro’d song
Music used: “Begin the Beguine” by Julio Iglesias, karaoke version
Languages used: English, Spanish
Animals/plants featured: Pseudorinelepis genibarbus
Other remarks: This is not very good because I never really practised any of these, it was always spotaneous.

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