Gardenvid #1 in the deep mid April

Playout date: 6 May 2007
Duration: 10:00

This was going to be a series of gardening videos and in fact it didn’t turn into a series in the sense that I normally do it. I might still do a gardening series one day, if only I could get the hang of gardening…

The viewers had no appetite for this kind of video, and as attestation to my gardening skills, only one of the featured plants from this ten year old video is still there, and all the rest have died. It seems very hard to make anything at all grow. The one that is still alive is the lilac.

As mentioned, Tanya loved to pull plants apart, but on top of that we have tough microclimatic conditions on this terrace. It’s interesting for me to look at what this all used to look like, but in the coming years I will change it again.

Quote of the clip: “April is the month known as ‘Nisan’ in the Japanese car industry

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Camera: Panasonic DMZ -FZ30
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Genre: Gardenvid
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Languages used: English
Animals/plants featured: Sea buckthorn, Barberry, lilac and other garden plants
Other remarks: Oh, and two others, the Dracaena and the Yucca, but those are indoor plants which my wife looks after, but our new rabbit has a nibble on our Yuccas all the time. Despite the name, they are not yucky to him in the slightest.

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