That song’s never gonna be the same again!

Playout date: 23 May 2007
Duration: 3:01

Now that they are not with us any longer, not just the song but also this film is never gonna be the same again. It is extremely difficult even to rewatch my mother on this, another dimension to just looking at a photo. Seriously you need to get a lot of video of loved ones in case you lose them, but don’t expect to have the strength to watch it often.

The video itself is another Musical Muckaround with Sophie that there are quite a few of, but in this case ot was around my 43rd birthday and my parents were over in Warsaw to celebrate this time.

The song in question is “Close to you” by the Carpenters, a group both my mother and I always liked. Sophie also gets the chance to showcase her new “killer whale” style choppers.

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Genre: Sophie and my parents
Music used: “Close to you” Carpenters, Karaoke version
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Other remarks: Mother, now you are close to Jesus, but we’ll be close again.

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