Recite the Lyrics Challenge “Up The Junction”

Playout date: 26 May 2007
Duration: 3:59

There was a challenge on one of the channels in the Community I subbed to in the early days where you had to recite the lyrics of a popsong as if it were a poem. Not sure I can even remember which channel it was and now of course the “reply to video” feature that was there then is taken away and with it all record of which early days reply video was a response to what and each is a post in its own right. Which has the same effect as if you were posting replies in a discussion thread and then each reply suddenly gets refracted as an original post in its own right. Very annoying, but if only it were the only thing Google and YT ever did to annoy us.

Anyway, in this challenge, you had to choose a title with the same initial as your channel, and as I had Usenetposts as the channel name, I had to pick “U”, and could not find one with more potential for exploiting the initrinsic irony of reciting pop song lyrics as poetry than the classic “Up the Junction” by Squeeze, from the 1979 album “Cool for Cats”
As a piece of music, not so groundbreaking, but a salutary tale of a young man and issues of unexpected pregnancy and what happens next, told in rather painful half-rhymes.
Hopefully, the Russian accents of Huliganov adds a certain extra layer to the reading.

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Other remarks: Even though the lyrics is about all there is to that song, because I only read the lyrics and didn’t sing the song, I didn’t get a copyright claim this time. A nice illustration of what nonsense it all is…

Your thoughts welcome, by all mean reply also to other community members!