The Art Of Russia

Original playout date: 16 June 2007
Duration: 6:26

This, one of my most popular videos, is all about Russian art. After showcasing some selection from the Tretyakovsky, Huli then appears and shows his own commissioned junior version of Shishkin’s “Utro v sosnovom lesu”.

The music is “”Vyhazhu odin ya na dorogu”” (I walk out onto the road alone) sung by Dmitri Hvorostovski – who served incidentally in the same tank driving regiment of the Soviet Army as my father in law.

The pieces showcased are

1. The icon of the Mother of God and the Sign, Mid C15th, Novgorod.

2. “”Neizvestnaya”” (The Unknown Lady)1883, Ivan Kramskoy

3. “”Grachi prileteli”” (The Rooks have returned) 1871, Alexey Savrasov

4. “”Neravnyi Brak”” (Misalliance) 1862, Vasily Pukirev

5. “”Yavlenie Messii”” (The appearance of Messiah)1857, Alexandr Ivanov

6. Portrait of Vera Repina, 1884, Ilya Repin

7. “”Siren’ v korzine”” (Lilac in a basket) 1933, Piotr Konchalovski

8. “”Pohishchenie Europy”” (The abduction of Europe) 1910 Valentin Serov

9. (midpoint) Portrait of Maria Lopukhina 1797, Vladimir Borovikovski

10. “”Bogatyri”” (Warriors) 1898, Viktor Vasnetsov

11. “”Utro v sosnovym lesu”” (Morning in a pine forest) 1889 Ivan Shishkin

12. Caprice on Shishkin’s Morning in a Pine Forest, by Andrzej Nowak, 2005.

Obviously I only have the last one in the original!”

Quote of the clip: “That’s a pig that got his ears cut off, ok that’s very artictic.”

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