Re Isaiah 7 v 14

Original playout date: 21 June 2007
Duration: 14:55

This is another video response from the time when such a facility to answer a video with another was possible. I am using Hypercam in what I see is a fairly seamless way to produce a counterargument.

The question that was raised is why there is a scriptural contradiction that Isaiah talks of a young woman giving birth and the quote of it in Matthew as “a Virgin”. I do my best to show why “young woman” is not an acceptable translation of “almah” hence there is no discrepancy or contradiction.

While doing this I demonstrate how believers or unbelievers alike can use in the second part we talks about if there is a contradiction of the names given to Christ; “Emmanuel” and “Jesus”.

Quote of the clip: “He takes the punishment that was coming to us, and in order to be part of that is enough to believe”

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Other remarks: The names of Jesus show that he is God in the flesh living among us and saving us by his life, death and resurrection, Jehovah himself identifying with us and becoming one with us.

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