Another YouTube Tubby goes on a YouTube diet…

Original playout date: 11 July 2007
Duration: 1:38

Weighing in at the start of a diet, coinciding with he start of the second half year of 2007.

The idea of sharing these things on social media is to get some commitment going, because you can less easily fall off if you have made it public. This is a start weight of 138.1 kg which is certainly quite a bit heavier than I have been for most of the time since then. The lightest was 116kg and at the time of writing about 130 kg.
This goes back to the time before I undertook a lot more walking to lose weight, something which starts not long after this point. I will be talking quite a bit more about that whole thing and it will be in its own section here in

Quote of the clip: “Unfortunately, that isn’t 138.1 lbs”

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Other remarks: This isn’t my only ever weigh-in, later on there is one in the series about PlayRadio UK, whch was also a very good intiative.

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