Huliganov’s “Doom and Gloom”

Original playout date: 7 August 2007
Duration: 2:16

Huliganov begins by quoting Keats’ Ode to Autumn in a lovely Autumn scene, but there’s a twist. It’s mid summer, and the chestnut tree shows both the signs of Autumn and the signs of Spring.

Huliganov once again predicts the house prices crashes that were to start only days afterwards, as in an earlier video.

Quote of the clip: “It can’t make his mind up if is beginnink of year or end of year. That’s globble vormingk!”

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Animals/plants featured: Horse chestnut
Other remarks: “Ve’re going to have house price crashes, we’re going to have market meltdowns, we’re going have global vormingk difficulties. It’s all going to be very difficult. Just have to hold out, and hope for the best. Because it’s not going to be easy.”

2 thoughts on “Huliganov’s “Doom and Gloom”

  1. Hello, Mr Huli….do you see any signs for less pessimism ten years on from this video ? It would be lovely to be able to say “yes” but I fear like me you will be of the opinion that the planet is in the same (or possibly more) danger now than it was then. This is just from an ecological standpoint. The political dangers are probably greater now that Putin ,Trump and Kim Jong-un are on the scene. The world is in enough trouble without dangerous politicians like this. Mellow fruitfulness is always more attractive than mindless furtiveness in my book.
    Let us hope and continue to hope that some modicum of sense will ultimately prevail.
    Best wishes to you.

    1. Hi Alan, great question.

      St Paul writes these words to the Romans (chapter 13 verses 11 and 12 of the letter to Romans)

      “And that, knowing the time, that now [it is] high time to awake out of sleep: for now [is] our salvation nearer than when we believed. 12 The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armour of light.”

      So with that in mind, for sure we are now more than 10 years nearer to the end of the world than when I wrote those words.

      What has happened in a planetary way since that time?

      Well, there has been a lot of discussion about carbon dioxide and fossil fuels, most of which has been focused on the economy, keeping fossil fuels underground and switching to sustainable or renewable energy sources.

      Over the last ten years the building of wind-powered and solar energy has continued apace. This articleshows that two trillion dollars, which I understand to be over two hundred quid for every human nose on the planet, has been spent on solar or wind installations in the last twenty years with the strange outcome that carbon has not dropped noticeably but is stable. The carbonaras will of course counter “ya see! Without that Carbon would have gone through the roof by now and tree ferns and pterodactyls would be back” but we really don’t know if that would be the case. We do know that there’s a seven mile lava dome getting ready to burst under the sea near Japan and if it does human activity will have had nothing to do with it and it will also release as much CO2 as we managed to oth save and spend in the last ten years all together.

      Other GGs include methane and nitrous oxide, which mole for mole have hundreds of times the deeterious effects of carbon dioxide, but these gases have been largely ignored. Only vegans make the issue about cow farts, but that is not even a helpful argument for them if they are saying they are animal lovers and want to give land back to nature. Wild ruminants fart methane too, it wasn’t a feature we bred into domestic cattle for the sake of our own entertainment.

      We have, over the last ten years, made some progress in understanding how much nitrogen based fertiliser we need thanks to “precision agriculture” and satellite technologies. These are gaining ground on the one hand but on the other the farms which are large enough to sub to these innovations are being punished across the EU by threats of subsidy capping for larger farms in the 2020 round of resetting the Common Agricultural Policy. This however in Germany at least goes hand in hand with the new Duengenverordnung which will limit the amounts and timings of nitrates, as a result of which yields could fall, food increase in scarcity and price, and governments who used these measures to grab the votes of small farmers will be turning around and trying to blame them for the looming famine.

      Once famine appears, of course, it is a major game changer. You think Putin, Trump and others are a problem now, but what they do is they show the groundswell of national feeling and dislike of strangers coming in which is a resistance to the replacement policies of Soros funded institutes and their puppet politicians we used to think we voted for. There is a hardcore of identitarian political opinion which supports Trump but still doesn’t know quite what to make of his mixed messages and which gets ever more impatient at the non-appearance of the walls and entry bans he promised them. In other countries 15% of Germans support identitarian politics, so Merkel was able to regain Germany but 15% from 5% in five years is actually huge growth, so if you give that another 5 years to treble again, you know where we will be. And another Soros sockpuppet, the man from nowhere Macron appeared and took over the reigns of France, because the majority still didn’t want Le Pen. Holland also saw Wilders party defeated, again, not by much.

      So what do you think will happen when famine arises? Soros knows full well, being informed by his own no doubt legion of high-ranking demons, and that’s why he funds all the elements leading up to this record bloodshed and sacrifice of human life, just as his predecessors funded all parties to the Second World War, the First and every major conflict in the modern world.

      The dangers are political, but not in the persons you’ve identified, not even that Gangnam-style chubster running the north of Korea.

      Peak Oil is probably not something we will ever reach, peak phosphorus would likely be a problem first, and plastc pollution in the oceans is also a big problem which people are only now beginning to begin to turn attention to, but the much bigger issues are going to be natural disasters plus the megalomania of demon-driven Masonic politicians which will pull the plug on our ability to feed ourselves, and then sit back with a secret stash of popcorn while we begin to devour each other. That’s the scenario for the 2020’s decade, or 2030’s if we’re lucky.

      Now the extreme end are talking about repatriation of immigrants. Then the extreme view will be rendering their proteins, and the liberals will be repatriating them to help them escape, but the desert will be no refuge, not for the many, at least.

      So, how’s about that for Doom and Gloom?

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