Huliganov’s “Nessun Dorma!”

Original playout date: 25 August 2007
Duration: 6:25

Although Viktor likes napping in the afternoons, he is the first to admit that doing so can lead to difficulty getting to sleep on time at night, especially on Sundays, leading to more tiredness on Monday. Therefore, in an effort to throw off the Sunday afternoon lethargy he sings “None shall sleep” from Touringdot Dormabile’s opera “Pol Pot”.

We never really heard again from Paul Potts, who famously won Britain’s got Talent back in 2007.

Quote of the clip: “Paul Potts sounds like the leader of Cambodia, and he look a leetle beet like him.

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Music used: “Nessun dorma”, Giacomo Puccini
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Other remarks: “The judges can’t believe it. Even Simon can’t believe it. It just go to show, classical music can do things what popular music cannot”.

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