Original playout date: 9 September 2007
Duration: 1:41

Nice to see this old clip featuring a place I like which isn’t functioning any more and an old friend and colleague Robert Kamela with whom I worked in BDO starting 27 years ago and also in Grupa Strategia. Now he runs his own business in his own town, and I hear that he is doing well.

In the unlikely location of Aleksandrow Kujawski, near Ciechocinek, on the route south from Torun to Wloclawek, is a pearl of international cuisine: Masis restaurant. The atmosphere and the food are authentically Armenian, the prices very reasonable. The lack of light doesn’t do justice to the look of the place, but you can get a glimpse of it in this culinary short from the House of Usenetposts

The above was the original blurb, however, right now the location became sidelined by the motorway finished a short time ago and has gne out of business. When I tried to see it this last year, it was left derelict. A great pity, as it had been one of my favourite places. Again and again in reviewing these films from just ten years ago I am coming up against places which simply do not exist any more and what replaces them is in not better in many cases either.
Quote of the clip: “Obviously we wouldn’t be going to a place which practices Arminianism”

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Location: Masis near Aleksandrow Kujawski
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Armenian word for the day: “Masis” means “table”.

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