Choosing a Bengal Cat これは 猫です

Original playout date: 10 September 2007
Duration: 11:43

A collection of fine thoroughbred Bengals. We decided in the end for Pushkin, the marbled brown four month kitten you see in the frame at 10:40, and reserved him, but I am still hoping for comments and advice from bengal cat cognoscenti. Two weeks later Pushkin came to our home and 10 and a half years later he is still here enjoying himself. I have added a category under family members for Pushkin and this is the first one as it’s the first time he ever appeared on a film, as this is where we meet him for the first time, the guy who sleeps on our bed every night.

In a sense this was the beginning of a new era, having a cat in the family and also at the same time starting on Japanese, hence the addition of Japanese to the video title.

Quote of the clip: “Well I’m gonna call him Pushkin”

***Statistics and Credits***
Views at the time added to HTV: 37,286
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Dislikes at time added to HTV: 7
Popularity % ” ” ” =L/(L+D): 81.6%
Comments at time added: 25
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Camera: Fuji Finepix
Post Production: Windows Movie Maker – medium use
Location: Grojec
Other people featured: Elena, Sophie, Pushkin
Genre: Family
Music used: none
Languages used: English
Animals/plants featured: Bengal cats
Other remarks: We saw the biggest cat in Poland at the time, at least, the one who was officially the biggest as they don’t bring lynxes to cat shows.

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