Huliganov’s Russia #2/11 – Walking down Olympic Prospekt, Moscow

Original playout date: 1 November 2007
Duration: 9:13

Today, I’m walking down Olimpichesky Prospect from the Marriott Renaissance to Sadovoye Kolco. You can see a couple of sports buildings built from the outside and some Moscow traffic and some park scenery.

Nice gallery part at the outside. You can see the Renaissance hotel. I was here to audit Mazars, and some years later I became a team member in Mazars as well for a couple of years.

Quote of the clip: “To fight the same people in Afghanistan is now fighting nearly all the world expect Russia, but strangely they are not boycotting their own sporting events. Tthis is very strange in our opinion. Everybody else can invade Afghanistan, Russia can’t. One law’s for you, another’s for us. And you wonder why we get a bit annoyed some times.”

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