Alan Heath Interview 1/3

Original playout date: 23 November 2007
Duration: 8:28

“This is an interview with Alan Heath who, like me, is an Englishman who has chosen to live in Poland and who has a channel on YouTube.

Alan’s passion is the history of the second world war, and in the course of his research on the matter has made the personal acquaintance of a number of interesting people, including the controversial historian David Irving, arrested three years ago in Austria and sentenced to prison and recently banned from the international book fair in Warsaw.

To see a number of films debunking holocaust denial, see Alan’s excellent channel

This is part one of a three part series – the interview took place over two meetings, the first of which was spontaneous and unplanned and therefore we did not have access to sufficient camera time.”

This is the first time I met Alan, who has gone on to be a close friend. He has many common interests as well as bein a fellah Geordie, like, and a reet solid geezah.
Well worth listening to all three parts. Not sure it is worth reading all the comments, but you know my policy on letting people say what they want to say…

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