Piazzola’s “Oblivion”

Original playout date: 24 November 2007
Duration: 4:58

This fine piece is performed by Tytus Wojnowicz on the oboe with the New Chamber Orchestra of Warsaw, under the direction of Pawel Kos-Nowicki and is a further item in the series of performances captured at a recent concert for the friends and clients of Fortis Bank and Grupa Strategia, in Katowice’s classic movie theater the Rialto, now used mainly as a concert hall.

The sound has a rough edge because I am recording here on a new camera, the Panasonic. This new camera has worse audio, but in theory better video, with its Leica pedigree. However, two problems arise: 1) I’m on manual focus and haven’t got the hang of it yet and 2) it makes .mov files and I’m on windows. I used Rad Tools to transfer the footage to avi for post-processing in WMM, but I don’t know what I’m doing with that yet, either. The condenser mic on the Leica/Panasonic I bought in New York is not as good as on my existing Fuji. I had both cameras at the concert, and this enables an easy comparison of pieces shot with the old one (like “”The Mission””, about five or six positions higher on this channel) and the new one I’m using here.

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