Huliganov’s Finnish Experience #1 – Arrivalli

Original playout date: 18 December 2007
Duration: 9:50

Yes, indeed. It’s the long awaited Finland trip series kicking off. As you can tell the mike on my new camera is a big let down and I’m still learning how to shoot with it, but look at the quality of some of the pictures in the end and you’ll see it’s not like I threw my money entirely away on that Lumix Panasonic

Kasia is on it again, whom you’ve seen in a number of other vids of mine in America, in Switzerand, etc. Unfortunately she couldn’t stay for the rest of the weekend so she’s only on the bit around the actual conference and then it’s just me after that.

The ritual of filming the hotel room is done again. I am getting quite a collection of these. Largely because surprsingly people said they wanted it.

Quote of the clip: “If you vantaa be my loffyer, got to get to Vantaa airport…”

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Camera: Panasonic DMZ -FZ30
Post Production: Windows Movie Maker – medium use
Location: Helsinki Airport Area
Other people featured: Kasia Oz
Genre: Hotel room review
Music used: “Finland”, Monty Python, an “honesty” by Billy Joel on the TV
Languages used: English
Animals/plants featured: Naturally occuring vegetation
Other remarks: He (Billy Joel) vos such a puppy, now he beeg and fat like me.

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