Huliganov’s 2nd North American Experience #13 Rockefeller Centre and St Patrick’s cathedral

Original playout date: 27 January 2008
Duration: 13:54

We pass the Waldorf Astoria, and see Park Avenue, we learn about the charging scheme for yellow cabs, and see some more iconic New York buildings.

You see how early the Christmas trees go up around here. You can see where the UK got the idea from. It was actually very pleasant to go into the Cathedral, despite not being a Catholic. It felt very nice and at home to hear the hymn they were playing in there: “Christ is made the sure foundation.” A perennial favourite of mine, if they played it at my funeral I wouldn’t complain.

We see some of the Broadway shows advertised and Time Square.

Quote of the clip: This is the city that doesn’t do what? Sleep!!

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