Huliganov’s Turkish Experience #3 – Eat me!

Original playout date: 28 January 2008
Duration: 14:19

This evening we are in Taksim, in Beyoğlu, where the most thriving part of the city’s nightlife is, with shops open until late, and restaurants until even later. We went to one restaurant famous for the quality of its mezedes or hors d’oeuvres and were treated to some impromptu fasıl music. The title “Ye Beni” means “Eat me”, though whether it has the full range of meanings associated with that phrase in vernacular English I couldn’t begin to ask. Maybe someone here will tell me?

In the Evet restaurant, when the Fasil gets going, they cut the lights. This is real showmanship as they light the food up gradually. A great experience.

Quote of the clip: “””All ze tourist books vorn, if you go down zis street you have to look out for ze picking pockets. Ennybody, Even somebody coming up to you like zis could be viz the lightning fast fingers, getting into your pocket, pulling out:
– mobile phone
– mp3 player
– money
– credit cards
– packet of cards
votever you keep in zere. So be careful!”

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Camera: Fuji Finepix
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Location: Istiklal caddesi, Istanbul, Turkey
Other people featured: Deniz
Genre: Travel
Music used: “Ye bini”, Fasil group. Also “Young Turks” Rod Stewart.
Languages used: English, Turkish,
Animals/plants featured: Fishes from the local catch
Other remarks: You may recognise my friend Deniz from the South African and Canada video.

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