Huliganov’s Rant for February – On UK Political Correctness

Original playout date: 6 February 2008
Duration: 2:13

Once again, Huli is not up to date with the rant. First off Huli points out that this is two years into his channel, and this is at the time of uploading here to Huliganov TV already 12 and a half years which is like one eighth of a century.

The main topic is political correctness. This had been turned off to private at one point, but nowadays I feel that people are awaken up enough to see what I was talking about. It took four times to upload the video, a record number, so even then, ten years ago, I had a distinct impression that FB was very much biased to the Mainstream.

A former boss of mine, an Englishman, found this and suggested I should make it private, even though he siad it was absoutely true, he said it would not be good for business. But what sort of business is that, that you have to pretend to believe lies in order to progress in it. Is that ethical business?

Quote of the clip: “Get on your bike, like Norman Tebbitt’s daddy”

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