Uncle Davey’s Herts Content, #3 “Grand Union Canal”

Original playout date: 23 February 2008
Duration: 9:17

Here is a mainly gallery piece following my recent walk from home to Kings Langley along the towpath of the historic Grand Union Canal, which has linked London and Birmingham since the days of the Industrial Revolution.

New developments seen on most of this, such as the Apsley marina, are all new and in my youth much of this part of the canal was derelict. Not everything in the UK has gone downhill – most of what I’ve photographed in this film is actually evidence of renewal and improvement, and we see how the prestigious canalside homes in some less known Hertfordshire places like Belswains Lane have lifestyles akin to such places as Grantchester or Henley, with prices to match, no doubt.

A nice gallery record of the Boxmoor area by the canal. Don’t miss my Mayakovsky style anti-bribery poster which appears twice in the hallery.

Quote of the clip: You’re not into any arm-breaking activities, are you?

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