Charlie Wilson’s War – Huliganov Rant for March

Original playout date: 2 March 2008
Duration: 25:34

This is actually the Eighth Hulirant. I haven’t been counting them over to this blog but you can see the earlier ones by looking at the side bar with the detailed navigation – and find “Hulirants”. They are all being collected there.

Pretty hardcore rant kicking off with the Gospel message and attacking the films of Tom Hanks, which inevitably miss the point, Charlie Wilson’s War being a prime example.

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2 thoughts on “Charlie Wilson’s War – Huliganov Rant for March

  1. Video unavailable…….a few others under “Hulirants” seem to be missing too.


    1. Thanks for that. I had them on private. I remember now, an old boss of mine who said he agreed with me nevertheless was scared to have his employee saying these things, so it got censored.

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