Cobra Cobra, mend my show!

Original playout date: 22 March 2008
Duration: 1:32

“There’s a fine nursery rhyme called “”cobbler cobbler””. The idea to mix this up with “”cobra, cobra”” came from my daughter Sophie when we were watching this clip of the snake, which is certainly doing the rounds here on YouTube. From what I can make out they must have milked the snake’s venom dry and also (from the way it is simply slapping with its chin when it strikes) taped the mouth shut with clear sticky tape.

I don’t really approve of the use of snakes in this form of entertainment, by the way – I’m just mining some humour out of the juxtaposition.”

Some commentators described this as “disturbing”. But I am sure that both the baby and the snake were on no danger through all of this, although you can argue about whether it is morally justifiable to take a snake and remove its fangs for the sake of street entertainment. There are worse things that can happen to such snakes, and nobody says anything about that. I on the other hand would not do it. Cutting rabbits toenails is one thing, this is a step further than that.

Mind you, the dentist has taken some of my teeth out and I’m OK.

Quote of the clip: “Get thee hence thou s-s-son of Adam!”

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