Tczew part 2/2 – Have a Tczew on this!

Original playout date: 30 March 2008
Duration: 13:20

The second part of the Tczew video, containing a nice gallery section too, and the visit to a fine new gallery that wasn’t even really open yet, but the owners let me film and photograph.

People could order via email their favorite images carved onto wooden plates with a soldering iron.

It was to become the “Galeria Artystyczna on Krotka 15, Tczew. I had a look at the Google streetwalker for this address and she last plied her trade here in July 2013, at which point it was all boarded up, and there’s no mention of this business on the map either. That’s a pity. I would happily have given them a plug. In all likelihood the business was a good idea in the wrong location. This talent creating and making a small stall in one of the touristic centres of Poland would fly, and I hope that’s what Wojtek and friends are doing now. At 11:13 you can see an email address for orders, which you can try at your own risk if you want to make a nice wooden picture like this.

Quote of the clip: “Experts on astrolabes please wrote in the comments section…”

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Camera: Panasonic DMZ -FZ33
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Location: Tczew
Other people featured: Owners of the new gallery of wood etchings.
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