Little horse in the park

Original YT playout date: 18 May 2008
Duration: 14:17

Some of the playgrounds in Warsaw are called “Ogrod Jordanowski” after this guy Jordanowski who worked out that swings and roundabouts and stuff for kids rather than just have a park with plants in it.

This is of course what most places were already starting to do, but the Polish nation heard it first from his lips, so they named all the best playparks after him.

As ever, the good burghers of Warsaw try and push in in front of the queue and have to look stupid when they get faced down.

Quote of the clip: “You can get a good kick off them”.

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Location: Park Dreschera, Warsaw
Other people featured: Queue jumpers
Genre: Travel
Music used: Several pieces of music used, hence blocked in some places.
Languages used: English, Polish
Animals/plants featured: Horse
Other remarks: Evolutionists have never got much of a sense of humour I’ve noticed…

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