Dublin 1 Lisbon 0 (June Rant – Huliganov ft Paddy O Donahue)

Original YT playout date: 13 June 2008
Duration: 11:05

Here’s something that became topical again, commenting the initial rejection of the Lisbon Treaty – of course we all know what happened next – they were told they got that wrong and were told to vote again. In the mean time, they were told that their economy was ruined because of their vote, although of course it was about to go south because of the coing recession anyway, and they started to get scared and vote again.

Now in the UK they are not going to have a Second Referendum about Brexit, even though they are also considered to have given the “wrong” answer as far as the globalists are concerned, because by all accounts we probably would not have changed our minds. A third Referendum would of course, be unprecedented. Or maybe we are? Any day now, we will find out if the EU will allow an extension without a Second Referendum and my preference will be that they say “zweimal messen, einmal schneiden”.

Here I correctly predict that the EU would try to upset the Irish apple cart and indeed the time of the great irish tiger powerhouse economy really dstopped at that point. And the Irish have been towing the line ever since to the extent that Leigh O’Mhadakair, their very Celtic Irish president, has made the world’s biggest poodle out of himself and his country to their lordships Tusk, Junckie, Barnier, Barroso, Verhopeless and all the rest of that crowd.

Quote of the clip: What Paddy says here is almost pure prophesy. What he says was going to happen is precisely what did happened.

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