How free are people to make up their own mind?

Original YT playout date: 2 August 2008
Duration: 8:28

Many people can be found on British media and in other western media making broad brush negative comparisons about Islam and Christianity. Now there are SOME Christians who are as strict about forcing people to believe just as there are SOME Muslims like the Egyptian gentleman without his teeth in in this film, who God bless him, understands that faith which is forced under pain of punishment or even execution is valueless in the sight of God, and therefore we HAVE to allow freedom of choice, but from this show you can see very clearly that in Islamic countries there is no way people will accept you saying you are not a Muslim and just leave it at that. There is always going to be a bad consequence. The unwritten rule there is that you say “”I’m a good Muslim”” whatever you happen to think. There is no Christian country and there has not been for hundreds of years (yes, we failed in the past, but then put right the failure), where you cannot build a Mosque, or state yourself to be an atheist. But try building a Church or claiming to be an atheist in an Islamic state and see how far you get.

Atheists have little sympathy from me, I personally believe they are utter fools as the Psalmist says, who fool themselves, and even in their heart of heart knowing that they are, and then they still call on God in extremes. However, the Bible states that people do have the right to state that there is no God. The Bible dismisses them as fools. The Bible shows that we are going into a free market place of people’s opinions like Paul on Mars hill, and PERSUADING people. If they do not want to listen, we move on. We are taught by Jesus himself not to force people, nor to incentivise people to come with material benefits, such as gaining a first class and not second class citizen position in society, and definitely not to convert nor retain converts by the sword.

Whoever does this, be they Christian, which is thankfully rare, or Muslim, which is intrinsic to that system, misunderstands the nature of the kind of unconstrained faith which is pleasing to God. Allah cannot find the sweet faith He longs to find in a soul which believes only because you have taken it on yourself to dangle a sword over his head if he changes his mind.

This message has been shown on other Channels already on YouTube, but I found it to be such an important thing to show people so that they can see exactly how people think, that I decided to show it again and educate people about what people are taught to think in some parts of our world and the terrible reality that they really have no freedom what they may think and say at all. Please pray for these people, and let us be careful not to increase the influence of the masters of Islam in the west by confusing all the religions together. Only Islam has this treatment of apostates inherent in its system.”

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