Original YT playout date: 8 August 2008
Duration: 1:01:09

An account from the first day of the second army of pilgrims from Warsaw heading out for the shrine of the Black Madonna, on the annual footsore migration of hundreds of thousands of people over a route of well over 200 km, many (such as Lord Moggy of lordmoggy channel featured here) subsisting on mere bread and water for nine days in their quest for fellowship and blessing.

I make a few comments about what I witnessed form a Protestant perspective, but I do mean the remarks in a kindly way, as at the end of the day atheists and islamists need to see Christians standing up and being counted, which is what these people are doing.

Also features in one part an attempt at Chaucer’s famous opening to the Canterbury Tales in the original Middle English. Some of my older viewers can tell me whether I got the pronunciation right or not.

I am actual posting it here on Huliganov.TV during pilgrimage time 11 years later. It goes to show that precisely 11 years ago I got down to below 120 kgs and right now I have a good chance of repeating that, having eaveraged 10 or more kgs more in the interim, sometimes even 20 kgs more.


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One thought on “Pilgrimage!

  1. The commentary and video were interesting as always. In these days of rampant secularism and even though I do not consider myself a christian, it is heartening to see any sort of spiritual commitment from people. There are many things in life that one might not subscribe to but nevertheless would be a cause of great sadness if they were seen to dwindle or disappear. It is heartening to see that fellowship and pilgrimage can still exist and be credible in the modern age where hate and cynicism seem to dominate.
    Full marks to uncle Davy’s pronunciation of Chaucerian English. From what I can tell Chaucerian scholars like Shakespearean scholars have worked with linguists to try to establish the sounds of the originals. I have heard some of these reproductions and would say that the pronunciation in uncle D’s rendering is spot on. Well done that man.
    As a sidenote, I was recently with my wife in Walsingham England visiting the Anglican and Catholic Marion shrines. Even with my agnostic/deist mindset it cannot be denied that these places have an almost tangible spirituality (which I suppose is a contradiction in terms). At the time we decided to visit the Catholic slipper Chapel, there were many hundreds of Tamil pilgrims. So many in fact, that we abandoned our planned visit that day as we could not get near the entrance.
    All Christians should take heart from the fact that there are many Christian pilgrimage sites worldwide that continue to attract many thousands of visitors. And for those who do not share the spirituality of these events they can nevertheless share in the cultural benefits.

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